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Getting Started Guide

A quick guide to help you get started with the UpFeed App.

Generating the product feed

A after installing the app in your store the feed is automatically generated. Simply copy the url from the app homepage. If you added or updated products after you installed the app, click on the 'Generate Feed' button on the app homepage to refresh the product feed. The feed will also automatically update overnight to make sure daily product changes (inventory, pricing, photos etc.) are reflected in your feed and dynamic ads.

Do you need more frequent product feed updates without having to manually click the button?
Contact us for a custom solution.

Mapping Google Product Categories

For the Pinterest catalog you're required to add a Google Product Category mapping to your feed. While this is not required for the Facebook catalog, it is recommended to help Facebook index and categorize your products. To map categories click on the 'Set/Edit Google Product Categories' link on the app homepage and then click 'Map Categories'. Map your current product categories, with te most relevant Google Product Category. You find more information about Google Product Categories here.

Adding the feed to the Facebook Catalog

Adding the feed to the Pinterest Catalog

Advanced Settings

If your products include variants, make sure to check the box to include product variants in the feed under Settings on the app homepage. To exclude product variants simply uncheck the box and click the 'Save settings' button.

Make sure to opt-in for product update emails to keep up-to-date about new settings, Facebook and Pinterest product feed updates, and dynamic advertisting tips.


How can I check my product feed?

Simply paste the feed url in a new browser window, the feed should automatically download in CSV format. You can then open the file with Microsoft Excel to analyze the contents.

How frequently does my feed update?

The feed updates everyday around 2AM EST, make sure you set the daily feed update time in Facebook/Pinterest at least an hour later (3am) to make sure your feed is fully synced.

How do I exclude certain categories?

We are working on adding this feature soon to the UpFeed App. In the meantime you can create a product set and exclude products based on the product type field. Make sure you select the correct product set on ad set level and while those products are technically still in the feed they won't show in your ads.

My feed doesn't contain product variants

If you want all product variants included in your feed, make sure the checkbox 'Include product variants' under settings on the App Homepage, is checked. If the settings are correct, click the Generate Feed button to generate a updated feed with all your store's product. If there are still products missing please contact us

My feed doesn't contain all my products

By default the app only includes products and variants that are marked as available in your online store. If there are still products missing please contact us.


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